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Sonntag, 22. November 2009

Comeback of the Knowledge Worker? | My comment on Collaboration 2.0 |

Peter Drucker, the brilliant management guru who defined the term ‘knowledge worker’, was clear these employees or partners couldn’t be controlled but must instead be motivated and given integrative collaboration environments to excel. Common goals, values and sense of purpose empower them to succeed on their own terms.
As an advocate of decentralization and against ‘command and control’ management, Drucker was clear knowledge workers would collaborate effectively as a community if driving to specified business objectives. While the new 2.0 technologies realize this and facilitate execution, strategic planning in many cases lags behind broadband application development and are not aligned with Drucker’s clarity of thought.
Very interesting take after the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Frankfurt. Interesting enough we were discussing it in a Lotus Marketing workshop a few days earlier. Lotus was with Lotus Notes the company with the tool most efficiently supporting Knowledge Workers. In the last years this focus and the awareness of Lotus as the (meanwhile IBM brand) delivering the environment for Knowledge Workers seems to got lost a bit. We do need to re-iterate this fact. Meanwhile we do have Lotus Notes "as the E-Mail client of the future" and much more to offer, e.g. with Lotus Connections as the integrated Social platform for the Enterprise 2.0.
Lotus knows we should stress and emphasize this message again - clear and loud.
(Personal opinion. No official IBM statement :-)

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