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Donnerstag, 24. Dezember 2009

The Death Of Social Media -

Although I was never a rabid user of Twitter, I did initially use it on a regular basis but now will frequently go days between tweets or without even looking at it.

The reason for this isn't just the novelty of it all wearing off. It's more that it's become less pleasant due to the amount of spam that is permeating the social media space, coupled with the overbearing commercialization that is taking place. 


So, is social media dead? No, it isn't dead and will likely be around for some time, but I do think we will start to see a significant shift in how it is used. My prediction is that while social media technologies such as Twitter and Facebook may continue to grow in terms of numbers, you will also see more churn as people try it for awhile, become disillusioned and stop. I also expect that those who do stay with it will use it less on average than today's users.

Does this mean I was wrong to advocate the use of social media in the corporate world? I don't think so. I stand by this because I also think we'll see changes to counteract the downsides I mentioned. I think this will be in the area of premium service; we'll pay to avoid the spam and to maintain our privacy.

This premium service will extend to the corporate world where companies will be able to easily deploy in-house solutions that they can keep separate and private from the outside world.

Very interesting take of Mike Schaffner on Social Media. I do agree on commercialization. I - as I stated my German language blog entry on Mein Arbeitsplatz von heute - wie er (und meine Web 2.0 Tools) sich gewandelt haben - ich auch? - that I am more and more bored by the spam I do get on Twitter. But will the "normal" user accept Premium Services, they do have to pay for? In times, where the Web 2.0 services were not common (and free), we used to pay for a business network like XING. Now we expect to get it for free. 

Yes, companies (hopefully) will invest into in-house solutions. Just call it Lotus Connections. Sorry, this was my commercialization-part of today.

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