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Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2009

Social Media Today | Ghost blogging: Just don’t do it

There’s nothing inherently wrong with ghost blogging when you disclose the fact that your blog posts are ghost-written by someone other than you, the named writer (or whoever in your company is the supposed blogger). ...

Bottom line – if you can’t write your own posts for whatever reason and want to have someone else do it on your behalf, then don’t do it at all: find another means to express your voice where you are the person who does that, not a proxy.

Very true. Ghost blogging can only be a creative "joke" and you need to disclose it, as Oliver Nickels did with the German Bremer Blog 1-2 years ago. Ghostwriting for Twitter or - even more difficult - for blogs really doesn't work: Authentity rules. People do find out.

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