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Montag, 24. Mai 2010

Forrester Research Communities: I think that Field Marketers are going...

I think Tech Vendors will need to adjust Field Marketing’s focus from customer acquisition to relationship management, from demand generation to demand management; it will be all about lead nurturing.

They’ll need to reduce the base of pure marketing professionals (events/marcom people), by automating and semi-centralizing (from country to regional level) marketing campaign management. And increase local resources to engage with local bloggers, communities, prospects, and customers.


So, one of my theses for the future is that field marketers will become a sort of “marketing concierge”: helping prospective and existing customers to engage with their peers (other users) as well as with colleagues (in the marketer’s organization) through social media.

For sure the role of (Field) Marketing will change and we will see more dialog instead of One-Way-Communication. But I don't believe that the expertise and need in organizing face2face-events - which are still needed - or running campaigns are going away. This is a typical misperception swapping over from the States. Stop events and outsource campaigns to India. Pure nonsense. We have to have a MARKETING MIX, using the traditional channels, with local expertise and enriching them through Social Media.

And I don't get the picture of a Marketing Concierge. Sorry, there will even be more competency needed in communicating with the prospects and customers. I do agree, that we do need to change more to relationship management. This is the real impact of Social Media.

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