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Montag, 4. April 2011

Can Documents Become More Social?

Document Activity Streams

Enterprise activity streams need to include document updates, and users need to be able to define which document they want to follow, the same way they define which colleagues they wish to ‘follow’ in an enterprise social network. In other words, I want to be able to “follow” a document the same way I follow or connect to a co-worker on my enterprise social network. Oh, and of course, I want these updates regardless if I am traveling, or working from home or at the office. Therefore, I need the activity streams to be available from my smart phone, my tablet computer and my desktop.

What this means is that Enterprise Content Management and Social Software platforms will rapidly converge, because documents are just one aspect of the social enterprise. Documents need to be integrated into communities, profiles and activities. Simply put, documents are just another social artifact.

Very interesting piece. Last week i presented at the German IBM ECM User Meeting in Frankfurt on Social Business and Enterprise Content Management. One of my conclusions was that we will see less e-mail centric and more activity stream-related work. I explained the concept and related to the IBM Social Business Toolkit as the way to integrate events into the activity stream. Now I am reading this blog post and I am thinking on LotusLive Symphony as the collaborative editor and activity streams ...

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