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Montag, 5. Dezember 2011

[EN] Social Business 2012: Say Hello to the Lean (Social & Mobile) Information Workplace

A lean information workplace cannot be achieved unless organizations and the work environment are designed to fit humans. Nor can it be achieved without smart use of new technologies, such as using social technologies to connect people and information across organizational and geographical borders. Smart companies will focus on reducing the friction in employee-to-employee communication and making use of social principles and mechanisms to improve the findability of people and information, innovation, organizational agility, workplace awareness, expertise location, employee engagement, knowledge sharing and collaboration. They will use social technologies as an integration layer bridging organizational, geographical and technological silos, allowing different parts of a large and dispersed company to be tied closer together so they can act in a more agile and coordinated way.

Great posting by Oscar Berg on the Social Workplace. And read the paragraphs on blunt cost saving. Heard or experienced this before? Cuttinh headcount and creating a climate of fear do not help to become successful ...

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