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Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

DigitalNaive #SocBiz Weekly News / Wochenschau | Jan. 9, 2012

Mit diesem Posting will ich eine wöchentliche Kolumne eröffnen, in der ich Tweets, Beiträge und Artikel verlinke, die mich in der jeweils vergangenen Woche beeindruckt haben. | With this Posting I am starting a weekly column collecting and linking tweets, entries and articles, which did influence and impress me the week before.


But on her first week at the job, there was one difference. When it came time to reach out to company employees, Rometty decided to skip that staple of Sam Palimsano communications: the company-wide e-mail.

Instead, she made a video, outlining her priorities as leader, and posted it to Connections, the company’s Facebook-like internal social network.

This in fact is my key takeaway from 2011. That old business must evolve into Social Business. That companies need to be social internally and externally. That business leaders need to create and foster a culture of collaboration and transparency, without retribution. That social organizations outperform their non-social competitors. That rapid innovation is the key to future business success.

That is IBM.


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