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Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012

[EN] Social Media Marketing in 2012: Create Your Branded Online Destinations - Forbes

Most importantly, choose one branded online destination to be your core branded online destination.  This is the place where all of your online content and conversations will lead back to.  It will be the central hub of your online presence and will become the go-to place for people to learn anything and everything about your brand.  I recommend a blog for a core branded online destination because blogs are so search engine friendly and flexible, but the choice is yours.  The most important factor is that your core branded online destination is kept fresh with new content that effectively represents your brand promise and invites interaction and sharing.

Great posting with recommendations how to move forward in 2012 in Marketing. One outstanding point: You have to have an online destination, which you own. Don't just rely on Facebook Fan Pages. And make this online destination social to make dialogue easy and possible. And provide valuable interesting content and information.

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