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Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

[EN] We need an intelligent system telling us when it's time to act

So, the core of social business is to connect people with other people, tasks and information. That way you can mobilize people throughout the workforce, activating the relevant talent and expertise, to achieve just about anything.

What is still lacking in most online work environments is a really intelligent system that informs people about what’s going on elsewhere, a system that provides them with cues and signals telling them when it’s time to act, when there is certain information they need to consider, and so forth. It is common knowledge that we need workplace awareness to be able to work together efficiently and effectively. ...

Most online work environments are still just information self-service desks with a bunch of applications for performing specific tasks. ... An environment that is designed for synergies and coordination must by necessity be built on openness and transparency.


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