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Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012

[EN] The Six Social Principles and how to apply in B2B

Interesting thoughts on the Six Social Principles and how to apply in B2B:

The Six Social Principles - Social Proof (follow the crowd), Authority (follow a leader), Liking (follow peers), Reciprocity (return the favor), Scarcity (things that are scarce are more valuable), and Consistency (routine), can be used as the foundation for all marketing programs because they involve nurturing relationships, building longstanding trust with customers and maximizing the growth of social media investments along the way.

In fact, the consistent application of the six Social Principles in social marketing planning, campaign design and execution are steadily becoming key indicators of social marketing maturity. ...

The same principles apply in a B2B setting but the ways these principles can be applied differs as the B2B sales cycle is a lot longer and requires the input and support from multiple stakeholders.


Top B2B Social Principles

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