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Sonntag, 3. Juni 2012

[EN] Business must demand 5 key initiatives from IT - @Jmancini77 on Forbes

These challenges require that business executives reassert leadership over IT initiatives. The business must demand that IT focus on five key initiatives:

  1. Commit to the cloud: Break down monolithic enterprise solutions into more app-like solutions that can be deployed quickly, independent of platform and in the cloud.
  2. Mobilize everything: Define processes to take advantage of mobile devices and mobile workforces.
  3. Make the business social: Integrate social technologies into processes rather than create stand-alone social networks.
  4. Digitize anything that moves: Drive bottlenecks out of old processes (especially paper) and make them more suited to the engaged world.
  5. Prepare for extreme information management: Find insights and value in all the information that the business is storing to improve customer engagement.

It’s time to look differently at your business, both from the perspective of how you manage technology, as well as where you place your focus. The skills you need to be successful in the Era of Engagement are different from those you needed in previous eras. The people you need will help marry your technology tools with your business processes and do so from the perspective of the new engaged customer and employee.


Great bold statement by John Mancini - and I couldn't agree more.

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