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Samstag, 2. Juni 2012

[EN] How To Accelerate Social Business Using Employee Advocates - Dachis Group

The benefits of employee advocacy cannot be underestimated: Ramping community management up to the levels required to effectively engage millions of customers who are trying to interact with a company socially just can’t work. Using automated engagement tools instead actually kills the point (and much of the benefit) of being socially connected with the marketplace. ... No, to accomplish this, employees themselves must be externally engaged in a proactive and strategic manner that maximizes the benefits of becoming a social business. ...

Activating Employee Advocates with Social Business Engagement

Couldn't agree more with Dion Hinchcliffe and a perfect fit to my posting talking about the Digital IBMer community: We are enabling and training the IBMer's to be advocates out there, maintain and build trust and relationships in a Social Business world, where we are going to live more and more on recommendations and trust.

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